Texas State Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Congratulations Learners!!

This past weekend learners represented JKSA at the annual Texas State Science and Engineering Fair hosted at Texas A&M.

The following learners participated as state advancers from the Regional Fair:

6th grade: Alyssa Le

Category: Biomedical and Health Science

Project: Heart Lock, This study shows what you can do to maintain a healthy heart. This also shows what and how lifestyles can affect you heart.

7th grade: Poornima Srivastava

Category: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project: Schumann Resonance Affect Human BP and HR? This project is over the Schumann Resonance and tests to see if it affects human blood pressure and heart rate like previous studies have shown.

In addition, the following students won and placed at the state fair:

8th grade: Campbell Speakes and Laila Hamdan

1st Place

Category: Animals Sciences

Project: The Kitty CATch in Visual Impairment, People generally don't realize that their cats are visually impaired until it's too late to sufficiently treat them. To make diagnosis simpler, we wanted test if cats could be diagnosed with sight impairments based off their interactions and engagement levels during a natural predator-prey simulation.

8th grade: Geoffrey Ogbogu

2nd Place

Category: Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Project: The Applications of Autonomous Vehicles, A model with self-navigating cars put on a road map to see how we can improve the way we deal with autonomous vehicles from adjusting the roads, reconstructing the method of the self-navigating feature & reducing as much vehicle to vehicle crash. We can take our model and solve problems with autonomous vehicles in a simpler and cheaper way.


5 JKSA Learners win honors at the Texas State Science & Engineering Fair